We create custom OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI (Machine-Learning) products for your business

We develop highly accurate OCR and ML software (web, mobile, SDK) powered by our advanced image processing, data extraction and NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms.

Our technology stack includes but not limited to:
Tesseract OCR

We provide bespoke OCR and NLP software that you can integrate into your ERP, product or platform via API to automate data extraction process powered by variety of OCR engines:

Google OCR 
AWS Textract
Azure OCR
Open-source Tesseract 4.1.1

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– Powered by our CRNN approach in addition to classic OCR
– Table parsing and key data extraction algorithms
– State-of-the-art image preprocessing algorithms with OpenCV (for instance deskewing and noise removal)
– Working with any input (pdf, tiff, jpeg, csv, excel etc.) and output data formats (csv, excel, json, xml)
– OCR API Integration, SDK and on-premises OCR software development

We provide our solutions to the wide range of industry verticals and use cases: 
– Accounting and Finance: Invoice, sales orders, credit cards, receipts, insurance certificates, bank statements
– Medicine: Healthcare and any other documents for medical OCR purpose
– Government: Passport and ID OCR
– Construction engineering: engineering drawings OCR
– Mobile OCR: OCR modules for mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Our OCR developers utilize years of experience in software development and each OCR developer has a proven track of record in document management automation projects

Our team provides full-cycle development services to create OCR software that meets the highest performance and reliability standards

Contact us at info@labsneural.com