We create custom Web Products for your business
Cost-effective software development for your startup

Being a reliable technology partner for us means:

  • Budget. If we estimate, we estimate properly and deliver within the agreed budget
  • Timeline. We understand that each business idea is a hypothesis means it should be delivered and tested by end-users quickly
  • Code quality. We apply the latest technology and frameworks that proved the best technology stack both for SaaS-like and on-premises applications
  • Team. We invest into each team member and motivate them to contribute toward your project success

Our full-stack developers will help you to build your own web, mobile, desktop application or any other kind of bespoke solution

Out technology stack includes but not limited to:
– React
– Node.js
– Express.JS, Loopback
– Bootstrap
– Docker
– OCR, NLP, Tesseract, AWS Textract, Google Vision, TensorFlow, Yolo, CRNN, Pandas, OpenCV
– MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and others

Our team provides full-cycle development services to create software that meets the highest performance and reliability standards.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner with expertise in software development and computer vision, machine-learning expertize
If you have been thinking of a bright idea for your company, startup or project which requires domain expertise and attention to details
If you are thinking of incorporating the latest AI, machine-learning and computer vision advancements into your product

Neural Labs is your technology partner to make your project alive

Let’s breath life into your idea. Contact us at info@labsneural.com