We create custom OCR (Optical Character Recognition) products for your business
Integrate our custom OCR software into your product or platform, automate data extraction turning thousand of scanned papers into structured data

Streamline your business via integration of cutting-edge custom OCR software utilizing OCR Tesseract, Amazon Textract, Google Vision, Azure Computer Vision and machine-learning for the variety of industries and use cases
– Accounting and Finance: Invoice OCR, sales orders, credit cards, receipts, insurance certificates OCR, bank statements
– Logistics: Bills of lading, certificates of origin, delivery notes, packaging lists
– Medicine: Healthcare and any other documents for medical OCR purpose
– Government: Passport and ID OCR
– Construction engineering: engineering drawings OCR
– Mobile OCR: OCR for mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

– We combine the latest developments utilizing OCR Tesseract and our proprietary Neural Nets approach
– State-of-the-art image preprocessing algorithms (deskewing, despeckle, contrast stretching)
– Working with any input (pdf, tiff, jpeg, csv, excel etc.) and output data formats (csv, excel, json, xml)
– API Integration or on-premises OCR software development
– Proprietary table parsing algorithms
– Key data fields extraction from documents
– Unique performance and processing speed to speed up data extraction

Our team provides full-cycle development services to create OCR software that meets the highest performance and reliability standards.
Get the highly scalable OCR software and process as many documents as you need without any subscription or fee per document.

Contact us at info@labsneural.com