Create your own web application product utilizing domain knowledge of our OCR and full-stack developers

Looking for a reliable technology partner with expertise in Optical Character Recognition and web software development?
Have a bright idea for your company, startup or project which requires domain expertise?
You would like to apply the latest Machine-Learning and Computer Vision technology to build your own Automation software?

Neural Labs will be glad to share its expertise to make your project alive.

Our full-stack developers will help you to build your own web, mobile, desktop application or any other kind of bespoke solution

Out technology stack includes but not limited to React, Node.js, Angular, Loopback, AWS, Docker, MongoDB and others

Our OCR developers will help to you to automate documents processing- the variety of OCR Engines (Tesseract, ABBYY, Microsoft Computer Vision, Google Vision, Amazon Textract) and our own deep learning approach
– state-of-the-art image processing algorithms (deskewing, despeckling, contrast stretching, noise removal)
– proprietary key data extraction and table (line items) OCR algorithms
– working with any input (pdf, tiff, jpeg, etc.) and output data formats (csv, excel, json, xml)
– building software on-premises using open-source technology for enterprise-specific purposes
– variety of development languages, frameworks and computer vision libraries as Python, C#, React, Node.js, Tesserocr, OpenCV, TensorFlow

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Our team provides full-cycle development services to create software that meets the highest performance and reliability standards.

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